Gallery - The Apostles

The apostle series was started after an inspirational visit to El Grecos house in Toledo, Spain in 2013.

The appreciation of the character lengthening in El grecos work, the expressive faces and hands and the abundance of cloth attracted Karl to create these new transcriptions with an individual interpretation and to introduce colour to plates using pigment in Shellac. They develop as a series with subtle changes in methodology throughout the series.

The studies incorporate Karls representative symbols related to the background of each Apostle whilst the coloured plates reflect Grecos intention to represent each character as a portrait out-with any setting.

A very limited number of hand made prints are available mounted or framed. Some contain elements of chine cole.

The plates are mounted in open frames exposing the texture of the plates for gentle exploration. The prints mounted and celo-wrapped or protected behind glass within a full frame.

They are available to purchase in the shop – The Apostles

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